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Wide open spaces,  Woods,  Wild Nature,  Organic Farming,  Enviromental Protection,  Culinary Culture,  Adventure.


These are the reasons why "THE GUARDIAN" decided to propose the organic district of Vara Valley

(and the "Agriturismo Il Filo di Paglia") in the middle of his "alternative hotlist: where to go on holiday in 2020".



Relax, Good Food and Nature, a stone's throw from the Cinque Terre.



"AGRITURISMO" (agri+turismo = rural+turism) is a typical Italian accomodation, which links the b&b formula (or restaurant; or both) with the farming life. Usually this combination ensures the top quality food and a lot of relax surrounded by the nature!


 The "Agriturismo Il Filo di Paglia" is perfect if you love nature and, in the meantime, you want to taste one of the best quality local cuisine and discover the Cinque Terre, Portofino and the best locations of the Eastern Liguria or Northern Tuscany.


The structure is located in the middle of the High Vara Valley, in the Ligurian Hinterland (only 20 minutes from the A12 motorway), close to the "Cinque Terre National Park", halfway between the Gulf of Poets and the Gulf of Tigullio.



After your vacation day spent walking the fantastic Ligurian paths or sunbathing in a beautiful beach, you can return in a fresh and quiet location, enjoying:


-a good book sitting on a deckchair in a green relax area, under a grape pergola or letting your gaze run over the woods of the valley from the terrace of your room;


-a GOOD RESTAURANT SERVICE with a cuisine linked to the tradition, but mostly to the own products;


-an interesting list of regional, italian and international NATURAL WINES;


-a relaxing TUINA MASSAGE, performed by a professional masseur and naturopath.



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The Taste of Authenticity


One of the pillars of the agritourism is the restaurant.


The Chef Marco Azaghi has thirtyfive years of experience in restaurants of the Tigullio Gulf but now he is also a farmer, a breeder, a butcher and a cheesemaker. 


He has always paid attention to the HIGHEST QUALITY of raw materials used to compose his dishes but now, with his family, he has the opportunity to directly work his own ingredients, with attention to the entire supply chain.

For this reason Slow Food raw milk cheeses, beef meats and cold cuts, organic vegetables, homemade pasta and bread and best quality organic Ligurian olive oil will be the basic ingredients of your dinner. 


You will have a dinner that combines the experience of Italian cuisine with the ancient flavors that only true natural ingredients can give. 


A wide selection of interesting natural wines will enhance your dinner even more, making it an unmissable event.



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The heat of Straw and Clay



You have the chance to sleep in two particular eco friendly mansions:


-a STRAW BALE HOUSE (the first in Liguria), plastered with natural clay;

-an old villa, completely renovated in bio architecture, but preserving old floors and furniture.



The atmosphere is warm and romantic.

The green surroundings are perfect to regenerate yourself.



Each location has his own entrance, his own bathroom and the access to extern relax areas and green spaces.

Apartments and Suites have bigger spaces and also the kitchen.



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A Wellness moment...only for you!



There is nothing better than a nice massage after a long day of vacation.


naturopath and TuiNa masseur is ready to relieve your muscle tension by combining experience in manipulative technique, the wisdom of nature and the millenary tradition of Chinese medicine.


Give yourself an hour only for you.