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The Natural Farm





The natural farm "Il Filo di Paglia" is located within the Organic District of the High Vara Valley, in Pavareto (SP), in an uncontaminated area of ​​the hinterland of the Ligurian Riviera di Levante, surrounded only by woods and silence.


It is spread over an area of ​​about five hectares of land and is divided into cultivated areas, orchards, olive groves and pasture for cows.


Only the love for this land, the respect for the work of the elderly (who had already worked and terraced these lands in the past) and the desire to nourish ourselves with what we were able to produce with our hands gave us the strength to clean these hectares of weeds that had taken over everything, creating unique expanses of brambles and lianas that also covered the trees.


Now this place has returned to its former glory and welcomes people, plants and animals in harmony with each other and with their environment.


What moves our intentions, as "maintainers" of this harmony, is the will to GUARANTEE THE BEST POSSIBLE WELLBEING TO EVERY LIVING BEING THAT LIVES THERE, be it these bacteria and earth molds, earthworms, plants, flowers, birds, bees, cows or people.







We have believed for thirty years in the philosophy of organic agriculture which, in its essence, means: RESPECT FOR NATURE.


If earlier this awareness guided our choices when purchasing raw materials, over time it has transformed into a desire to LIVE the contact and respect for nature in an even deeper way.


For this reason we sold the restaurant, left the city and moved into the grandparents' country house.

The idea was to live off the food and energy that we were able to produce, respecting the environment that welcomed us.


We trained, we read, took courses and experimented. First the farm was born, then the agritourism.


In agriculture we have tried countless natural techniques. We had some great results and many unsatisfactory results that were making us lose hope.

Then we learned to take from the "theory" only what we needed and we learned to understand our territory better.


After so many mistakes we can say that we are finally managing to create a balance with the earth, plants, animals and our personal needs.

And the results come back to be seen.


To date, our natural crops mainly concern:


-Purple asparagus from Albenga;


- Various vegetables;

- Beans;

- Apples of ancient varieties;

-Other fruit.


From these products we also produce some preserves, including:


-Tomato sauce;


- Apple mustard;

- Onion mustard.






We breed Jersey and Cabannina cows, an endangered breed, originally from the Ligurian Apennines.


La Cabannina is a "cow" for milk and quality meat, not very productive, rustic and resistant, which adapts very well to the poor and wooded Ligurian territory.

It has recently become a SLOW FOOD PRESIDIUM (Carro and Pavareto fall within the typical territoriality of the breed) due to its peculiar qualities; this association guarantees that breeders follow a particular ethical and fair process towards the animal and the final consumer.


We have espoused their philosophy since before knowing their existence: Marco treats cows as if they were his own daughters, taking care that they can grow up free and happy in a healthy, natural, clean and adequate environment for their essential needs of proper nutrition, play., grazing and loving relationships.


Our cows do not spend their existence under a roof and on a concrete platform, chained in confined spaces and illuminated by artificial light; they are not overnourished with O.G.M. based on corn or soy, or with animal meal; they do not undergo hormonal treatments or antibiotic therapies.


They live in their natural habitat, free to graze all day and graze the herbs that satisfy them most, instinctively seeking those nutrients they feel they need (we happened to see them eat mouthfuls of earth).

They spend the day quietly eating or ruminating in the sun, playing, chasing each other or licking each other lovingly on the back or head.


Then in the evening we feed them hay and organic alfalfa; then we separate the adult calves from the mothers in order to guarantee the manual milking in the morning.


Mothers and children are then reunited immediately after milking so that the calves can suck the milk that mothers always keep for them.


Thanks to the cows we produce:


-"Free" Raw Milk Cheeses (Slow Food Presidium);

-Meat from Manzi Cabannini;

-Musciamme di Cabannina.


On our farm you will also find some beehives of pollinating bees and the now unobtainable "Yellow-bellied Ululone" a species of frog at risk of extinction, to which precious natural wetlands and a tank created by the Monte Marcello Park are reserved.