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The Agritourism

Twenty years after our promise of being able to move into our country house and live there, running an agritourism, we found ourselves faced with the impossibility of restoring the old grandfather's house for 50 years before notary errors. The fate made us reading about the history of the first Italian straw house in a green magazine. We bought the book, went to visit the house, made the introductory courses to build with straw bales... and the spell had been done. We began the journey for the construction of what would become...............................
                                                                        The First Ligurian Straw House!!!!!
The farmhouse, built entirely following the dictates of green building, is surrounded by green forests of Vara Valley, bucolic and unspoiled scenery, recently become bio district. Surrounded by forests of pines, oaks, chestnut trees and 5 hectares of land excavated by brambles and clematis and now dedicated to vegetables, fruit trees, pasture and flowering gardens, it comes out at the end of a narrow road (just over two kilometers ..don't worry!) in locations Pavareto, a small perched village, located in the Ligurian hinterland of la Spezia, a short walk from the famous 5 Terre, the Gulf of Poets, Sestri Levante with its Bay of Silence, the exclusive Portofino and the fascinating Alps Apuan.
Our structure is an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable vacation, away from
city summer heat but close to the most famous places and beaches of Liguria, in contact with nature and the fascination of the trails that run through the valley and its mountains, greeted by clay and Azaghi family warmth, pampered by the unforgettable Marco's cuisine, refreshed by the beautiful Vara River or its tributaries, and with the possibility to make interesting meetings and courses and to have interesting alternative life insights.