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Our Cows (Milk, Cheese and Meat)
Every days, the chef-breeder Marco takes personally care of and the "cuddling" of our 16 cows, mainly Cabannine, typical Ligurian race, recently become a Slow Food Presidium. These are free to graze all day and all night in their natural habitat and, in addition to wild herbs, leaves and "bites" of land of which instinctively they feed, they are fed with organic hay of the Valley, organic pelleted medical grass and bran. Calves are always in contact with their mothers, night excluded, during which they are separated from them so that we can ensure the manual morning milking. At night and in stormy weather, have a habit (not always; sometimes they prefer to stand in the rain) to rest in the dry and clean admission to their combined (strictly of earth and straw, and not on concrete).
Our cows are not fed with GMOs, are not humiliated or treated badly but always with love and respect, are not taken to the chain, they do not undergo hormone treatments to stimulate growth or antibioticoterapie to prevent disease, are not iperalimentate (some people use to feed them even with meat and bone meal, urine and other obscenities, things definitely far from what nature provides).

The MILK is milked every day. The amount that each cow decides to give us (she "holds" always a part for the own calf, which is released soon after the milking) rarely reaches 8 liters daily each: very different quantities from the 40 liters (there are also much higher numbers) that modern industrialization and dehumanization of the process can be drawn from "super pumped" and super fed cows from "concentration camp."
Our milk is daily milked, microfiltered and processed raw to obtain around 20 different types of CHEESES, which depends on the diversity of weather conditions, the mood of the cheese maker, the fact that the milk is not "scorched" with the heat through pasteurisation and similar machining operations, and on the fact that the grafts are not added (lactic ferments coming from other environmental reality), able to uniform the final product, but also to deprive the product of its special characteristics given from the mix of healthy relationships with their particular habitat and from quality of life.

The milk tests performed by veterinarians of the Valley confirm the incredible quality of the final product with "values like never seen in thirty years of work", according to one of these. This makes us obviously very proud and confident that the path chosen is the right one.



Every new child is held to increase the herd. Males have a different fate for the reason that, when they grow up, they can not live together without becoming dangerous for them and for us. Once they reach the age when they begin to be dangerous for the entire family they are sold or taken to slaughter. TOP QUALITY MEATS proposed in our menus derive from them and are wisely worked by Marco to make soft and succulent what soft is not (for the reason that they move, run and struggles with "brothers and cousins" for all their life).


Our Vegetables, Fruits and Honey

We have always paid attention to the freshness and authenticity of the product (also when we had the fish restaurant). Since the time we directly grow and "coddle" our vegetables and our farm is certified organic by "Suolo e Salute", we can guarantee you a top quality with food free of toxic substances but rich in vitamins, minerals and much LOVE! That is surely good for our cells!!


Other Products

-Vegetables and fruits of our farm; cereals and legumes also from other organic farms
-Organic and biodynamic flours: durum wheat, wheat and Corn;

-"Armoniolo": organic extra virgin Tuscan Oil by Salvadori family;

-"Organoil": organic sunflower and sesame seeds Tuscan Oil;

-Whole organic cane sugar of Thailand;
-Organic butter (not always of our farm);
-Organic Vara valley yogurt or homemade yogurt with "Slow Food" Cabannine cows milk;

-Our "Vara Valley Giant Black chiken" meat, nourished with horticultural waste and GMO-free feed;
-Organic eggs;

-Bread is hand made with sourdough;
-Fresh pasta and desserts are handmade.


All dishes are cooked in a wood oven, even in summer, to rediscover the flavors of the past.


Here you will find those genuine flavors that only older people can recognize... because they had learned to appreciate them from their mothers and grandmothers. Research of knowledge and flavors, combined with a great respect for all nature and the passionate search for ever new delicious recipes, will transform your lunch or dinner into an unforgettable event...a proud exaltation of the senses in search of never dull shades.


Furthermore, as you can see from our photos scattered here and there th

at portray our tonnage, the taste and quality never leave the quantity in the background. The menus are wisely made so as to be able to eat everything, from appetizer to dessert, without fattening anyone and without dissatisfy even the most gluttonous.


You probably think "these people don't know what modesty is!!" but is not so. First, it is to be noted that this text was not written by the chef, who would never be able to praise himself as those who daily savor its cuisine.
Then there is to say that we visit restaurants and farmhouses in abundance (especially children) and hardly we find accomodation facilities able to offer a  product quality like ours (in our case, guaranteed by us, being, in large part, the producers) and, simultaneously, satisfaction of the palate with prices, however, that can stay in the standard of a good quality agritourism.
At best, you find the quality without the taste and craftsmanship in the composition of the dish or the opposite. Otherwise prices go up significantly.
        Finally we have the feedback of the connoisseurs customers, which visit many locals and appreciate tasty and original dishes. And they always express the same concept: "Here there is an air of truth!!", "I never tasted a dish like this", "Even the salad can give emotions! I never tasted a salad so flavorful!! ", " It reminds me when I was a child... it's just like my grandmother did!!"

WE DARE YOU!!!     (Obiouvsly a positive challenge)
        Come in our farm, visit our straw house, the way we heat it and the way we heat the water, look at our gardens, how we fertilize them, our animals, stop for a few days and deepen our relationship with the Earth and with its beings: how we grow, how we feed the animals, the natural-almost wild conditions in which they live, the respect that we always carry for them, how we make cheese, bread, pasta, etc. Taste Marco cuisine, be charmed by effervescence of Francesca or drunk by the excellent Sergio advice about our excellent wine.
        Then let us know if you find any similar activities !!!....... by the way we would be very happy to know them and to network with them....maybe in the future to create a portal of structures that guarantee a quality/truth service.

        What we can say to have, unfortunately, different from a lot of people of the trade, even within the biological (we can not tell you to blindly trust.... so as you can not t

rust the "farmer's eggs", just because are the farmer's !! Controls are what they are and consciousness is what it is !! If it fascinates you, always go to meet the producers, turn in their fields or their barns) is that we started from the Passion... we did not start for the business. Not that we are against the business!! But we think that honesty and respect for themselves and others must come before profit and many other things.